3 Other Methods for Taking Notes in your PhD

Welcome to 2022! We are now roughly six weeks in and I thought I would welcome the new year by providing you with a video recording of a workshop I ran last year in April (I always seem to be a little late to the party on this blog!).

In this video I discuss:

1. Things to consider about note-taking

2. The Cornell Method

3. The Index card method/Zettelkasten

4. Literature review matrix

As always, you can read how I take notes here on my blog (Nvivo for a literature review: How and why and The way I take notes for my PhD).

Here are the main considerations you should know prior to choosing a note taking method:

– Choose a method and stick with it

– Reflect on what has worked in the past (or not worked!)

– Your notes are information about a source that you will use to write your chapters and good note taking makes this process easier

– Avoid plagiarism by writing summaries rather than direct quotes

– It doesn’t matter which method you choose, as long as you are thinking critically about the references

How do you take notes? Leave me a comment below!